Thursday, March 3, 2016

To the Doctor

Doctor Office Selfie
Thankfully this was not for me.  This visit was for the children.  I kept getting calls from Medicaid for the children.  They kept insisting I take the children in for a well visit check. They were busy reminding me vaccines are important.  Yes, they are but we will agree to disagree on that one.

This turned out to be a good time for me to visit the doctor anyways. I had wanted to talk to her about Joseph and his skinny, slow-growing self. Sigh!  We headed off in the morning to see the doctor. It was a 35 minute drive across town on the interstate.  Margaret sat in the back crying and whining the entire time I am on the highway.  I am not sure where this fear came from but I wish it would go away!

We make it to the doctor's office and there is a small playground.  I have to promise the kids I would let the play afterwards as I shove them into the office door.  I yell at everyone to take a seat on the well side of the office but they kept getting drawn back to the sick side. The LAST thing we needed is to pick up some illness visiting the office. That is why I did not want to visit the doctor yet but the calls from Medicaid were harassing!

Thankfully the Little Mermaid started to play on the well child side and the children stayed seated!

We got back into the patient room.  I swear it is the smallest room I have ever been in!  There was not enough space for me and the kids to sit much less the doctor! Kids were sitting in the floor playing their Kindles.  It was SO loud in the room!  LOL

The doctor comes in and we discuss Joseph's poor weight gain.  She said he had been putting on more weight recently.  She told me to keep it up.  I asked about tube feeding and she said we are not quite there yet. I am pleased because I really do not want to tube feed Joseph.  I think there is too much of a risk of infection. We discuss James's weight.  He could stand to lose about 4 pounds. Margaret is skinny but okay. If she is like any of the other ladies in my family I am not worried about her.  ALL women in my family are fat.  It just varies by degree.  I am one of the fattest while my aunt is rather skinny compared to the rest of us.  So I think Margaret will one day weight plenty.  No reason to rush things!
Right as they were finally settled we were called back to get weights and measures. Isn't that how it always is?  LOL   Kids take off their shoes we height and weight check. James weighted in at 72.4 pounds and 54 inches, Margaret was 48.4 pounds and 49.5 inches, and Joseph weighed in at a tiny 35.8 pounds and 45 inches!  

We discuss other issues and talk about some community supports we could look into.  Overall it was a nice visit with the doctor and I am grateful that Joseph never had to go to Urgent Care or the hospital this winter. Flu is at an all time high here. John was sick with Influenza type A but it did not really bother the kids or I so I think we are immune to that one. Now we just need to stay away from any other sickness until cold/flu/RSV season is over in about 8 more weeks.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

After leaving the doctor's office the kids wanted to play with a little girl (15 months) out on the little playground.  Since I promised I said yes.  The grandmother was outside watching the little girl.  She said she was happy my kids came along and would play with her.  They played for about 10 minuted before the mom came outside.  Then she told me that her daughter was sick.  Don't you know, no good deed goes unpunished?  LOL   Luckily I had hand sanitizer with me. I made the kids use it and get in the car.
Playing with Frisbees in the Park

I went to pick them up some cheap sandwiches and water.  Then I headed to the park for them to play.  There was no one there.  They got to play with their frisbees and basketball.  They had a blast!  They ran outside in the 90 degree weather for an 1.5 hours before I told them we needed to go.  Joseph had stopped sweating so I knew he had gotten too hot. I rubbed him down with ice and we left.  Did you know those darn kids did not fall asleep for 2 hours after bedtime!  I thought I had worn them out.
Got a picture of everyone before we left the park.

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