Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rosie O'Donnell: I have autistic triplets (well surviving quads actually) and it's not a joke!

My autistic triplets (well surviving quads, actually).
I have autistic triplets (well surviving quads, actually) and no, it's not fun, or a joke. I wish they were just normal kids but they are not.

James, far left, is considered high functioning autistic. Thankfully through intensive therapy he "looks" normal and many people do no immediately notice anything about him.

My daughter, Margaret, is a wanderer. There is little more terrifying than waking up and having your children gone from the house! It was one of the worst mornings I have EVER had! You can read about it here. Thankfully, at eight, it is not as bad. I know she gave me grey hair by disappearing (she LOVES water) and running in front of moving cars!

Joseph was recently diagnosed with autism. There had been questions for years but with his intellectual delay and other medical issues the doctors were unsure. At eight, his recent visit to the neuropsychologist decided it was time to diagnose him since, to her, it was clear he had autistic tendencies. 

Since their birth they have been in therapy. Even now half of my day, three days a week, is taken up by them spending time in therapy. I don't have a lot of funds to pay for therapy out of pocket. I have to fight tooth and nail to get them all the therapy I could. I fought with Early Intervention to the point I filed a Due Process complaint and won. I fought with the local school district after they aged out of Early Intervention. I have been fighting with doctors and specialists since their birth. It has been one BIG LONG FIGHT since they have been born! What's worse? Margaret and Joseph may need care after I am gone and I have no idea who will look after them and how I can afford it!

When these children were born I also had two teens at the time. When I first told them I was pregnant they were fine with it. Actually, they seemed happy.  When they found out I was having quads and we would need to move they were NOT happy any longer! Due to the drama of the quads birth, the loss of one of my babies, moving around, and the financial strain we were under my teen children left my house to move in with their biological father. It broke my heart (again) when they left but I could not keep them in the house if they did not want to be there.

My children have brought me the greatest joy and heartache I have ever experienced. That is just being a parent. If you are unhappy with your teens then I suggest you look at yourself. I know I have. I can't say I am happy with my, now adult, children and I often wonder what I could have done to make things better. Saying I would be willing to trade any of my children away, for autistic triplets or not, I think is horrible. I may not be happy with my oldest children but I would not trade them for anything. Instead, I pray they see the light and come back to me.

I realize Rosie you thought you were being funny. That you may have said this off the cuff but now you should apologize. Not just to the autistic families you have outraged but to your teen children. How do they feel about your "joke?"


  1. She has insulted all of us with autistic kids (my son has ASD) but in some ways it is even worse how she has publicly insulted her own children. I wonder if she realizes she can never take that back or fix it? In a way I almost feel sorry for her.. what a sad & lonely life she is going to have as she grows older without her children there to love. They will turn their backs on her just like she has turned on them. I can't imagine anything sadder than that. My son brings me joy every day & is the most important thing in my life.

  2. It is wonderful that you have fought to make sure your children have the therapies they need.