Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday to my Surviving Quadruplets!

                            Happy Birthday!

When you think about how far the children have come they are AMAZING!  You can see their birth information at the About Us tab. We had a nice day overall.  John made an amazing carrot cake for their birthday!  It is a gluten free Hello Kitty carrot cake.  Margaret requested the cake and the boys did not mind. They all LOVE carrot cake!

The night before the children's birthday we did a ninja move and sneaked into their rooms and put up these large wall hangings to surprise them when they woke up.  It worked!  They were SO excited when they woke up!

 Here are the children blowing out their candle...

Here are some other pictures of my cuties...

Joseph watching daddy fixing the carrot cake!


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