Sunday, September 15, 2013

We're Moving and a Bit of Pastoral Beauty!

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When I first chose the house in Gilbert I LOVED it.  Gilbert is known for their good schools and particularly for having a great program for special needs children.  It was a great reason for me to commute about a hour each way to and from work every day.  With my lease ending for the house in Gilbert John and I started to look around for another place.  One closer to my work.  Working on downtown Phoenix it is tough to find a house that is large enough for us to live in yet will stay within my housing budget.  We were able to find a house in the Glendale area that is close to my work, is about the same size of the house I am currently in AND has a private pool in the backyard!  We are excited to get the house! Now we just have to make sure we have all the money we need to execute the move!

Another item of interest this week relates to our new house.  We are hoping (and planning) on starting a raised bed vegetable and fruit garden.  The items we harvest from our own yard will be a higher quality than we could get from a grocery store, it would be cheaper and most importantly we will know what has been added to the soil (So no GMO or pesticides).  In an ad from Chipotle for their app game called The Scarecrow is a wonderful video in a classic satirical, pastoral style. 

Where the scarecrows, who are often the protectors of the crops, are being forced to work for crows.  The crows run major corporations that say they are producing natural foods but as you follow the scarecrow character around you find out this is FAR from the truth!  At the end of the day the scarecrow heads home past brown crop fields with large mechanical crows vomiting on them (I am sure they are suppose to be spaying the fields).  Once the scarecrow makes it home his barn is a bastion of color and beauty because of this fresh garden.  He stops and picks some of his harvest and chops it up and cooks it.  Next we need the scarecrow has opened a shop in an alleyway between two major corporations.  A crow comes by the check things out but the scarecrow shoos the crow away.  As the fajitas or tacos are placed out a boy looks around and examines the REAL food.  It really makes you think.  If you have heard of Monsanto and the things they have been doing then you have done your homework.  Otherwise you might want to learn where your food is coming from and why it could be bad for you...even that health food on your plate!

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