Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sick, sick and more sick...

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Sorry it has been so long since I had posted. It was a LONG weekend last weekend. On Friday I got a call from Bailey. She had gone to the hospital a few days before because she had not been feeling well. It seemed like she was having an allergic reaction to something in the house (cat maybe) and went to the hospital. She also told them about the pain she had been having in her kidneys. They did not even treat her and accused her of faking seizures (keep in mind she is epileptic). On Friday the hospital calls her and at least gives her the impression that if she did not come in immediately and get treated with antibiotics she was going to die. Bailey, not quite yet 20, was scared out of her mind. She called me at 1:00pm and said she was going to call an ambulance and head to the hospital. The ambulance arrived and took Bailey. The Fire Department arrived also and stayed with the children until the police arrived. The fire department put one of my car seats in their truck while the police car had two built-in seats and put Margaret and James in those. Everyone rode to the hospital and went into the ER. Bailey did pretty well with keeping the children calm and with her. A volunteer fire fighter called me at work. He said he wanted to check up on me and make sure I knew where my children were. I said I did know and that I had talked to Bailey. He said he was worried about the children and I needed to come and get them. I told him I had just started a new job and I could not leave to go and get them. It was the end of the pay period and I had submitted my timesheet so there was NO wiggle room to make that happen. I told him I was going to be off at 3:30pm (It was only in another half hour) and he said ok. I finally got off the phone with him and started to get my things together so when 3:30pm came I could leave.

I left work at 3:30pm. Spent an hour and half in traffic to get home. Once there I lug in and install the two car seats. Each one of these things weigh 40 pounds. When I bought then years ago I was thinking about safety and not having to lug them around. I get the two seats installed and then drive to the hospital. I have to find the ER and then find Bailey and the children. For three four –year-olds they were behaving really well! I sat for a bit with Bailey. When the hospital was ready to admit her I left. There was no one to help us out. So I was pushing Joseph in a stroller (thankfully I had brought one in), lugged his car seat over my should/back (hand is too weak and messed up from the carpel tunnel surgery to carry it), trying to herd Margaret in the parking lot (she walked out in front of a car but I knew they were watching her thankfully) and listen to James cry and whine as I made him pull/drag a bag of toys that Bailey had pack for them weighing 15 pounds. As I made it out to the parking lot a woman and her daughter saw us and heard James crying. She offered to help. I told her THANK YOU! We made it to the car. I installed the last car seat. The kind woman stayed with the children while I did that. The lady and her daughter left and I loaded the children into the car. By the time I got home it was 8:30pm. I was exhausted! I had left the house at 5am and was FINALLY back home for the day!

Saturday Bailey had to stay in the hospital. She was getting an IV full of antibiotics. The infection in her kidneys was a strain of bacteria that was resistant to several “common” antibiotics that you would pick up at the local pharmacy. This left her in the hospital for both Saturday and most of Sunday. I got to enjoy the house mostly alone (her grandfather (Bill) was working) with the children. We had a nice time. Sunday I went to the hospital to pick up Bailey. I put $80 in my gas tank and it only filled my van up half way. The gas is killing me commuting back and forth to work. I think I may change my schedule and start to take the bus. I can’t continue to commute 60 miles a day in my 1992 Ford E-350 15 passenger van…lol. I am using about a tank of gas a week which equals around $150 per week! Bailey came home Sunday night and basically went right to sleep. She was still pretty heavily medicated from being in the hospital. Monday I saw her and we all had a nice day. She was still tired and groggy so I sent her to sleep as much as she could. I knew I would have to work the next day. Monday night I started to feel sick. By late Monday night I was REALLY feeling sick. I was sick enough I took some Nyquil to sleep. I woke up early because I was so stuff and my throat was dry from snoring. Tuesday at work was HORRIBLE. I could barely function but I had to be here anyways. I have no sick time to take off and I had things I had to do here. Last night I took a double dose of Nyquil. I woke up this morning having had one of the best night sleep in a while. Since November 4th, when I moved into the house, I have been sleeping in the floor. I have a thin memory foam mattress topper with two comforters on it as my bed. Bailey and her grandfather were kind enough to supply the bedding. Otherwise I would have been sleeping on the carpet. This is my second week of sleeping on the floor. It has been tough. I am not sure if it is me getting used to sleeping in the floor or the Nyquil but I was grateful for a sound night’s sleep!

My storage cubes are supposed to be delivered this Friday. I am hoping to have my mattress at least. Everyone in the house has at least a mattress except me…lol. I would like my mattress up off the floor but just having a mattress would be a MAJOR improvement! Bit by bit things are getting done. I can’t wait for life to settle down. John is still sticking to paying me what he has to in child support versus the amount we had agreed upon. He knows that I have to apply that money to Bailey and any other sitter I might hire. I love Bailey to death but I worry about her physically taking care of the children full-time. I am afraid her body might not be able to handle it.  Plus I know she needs some time to take care of herself.  I would love to find someone who could drive in an emergency. The last nanny I was trying to find quit. So I need to get back to searching. It is hard to get motivated though. There is SO much that needs to be done but I only have so much time and money.

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  1. Wow. Keep on keeping on. Sorry you were sick. I'm glad Bailey is ok for now and sorry about the other nanny. You're still doing great. You haven't thrown in the towel so any progress is good. Hugs to you and the kids.