Sunday, July 22, 2012

I am SO far behind!

I am SO far behind in posts as to what has been going on so let me update those of you who may read my posts (which I know is all most no one but that is On June 13 the kids and I had an of day. June 14 I had to take the children to therapy for PT (Joseph) and OT (Margaret) at 11:00am and then at 4:00pm I had an appointment with my therapist. He has been really helpful in dealing with a lot of the stress I have in my life at the moment. Then there was nothing to do in particular from the 15th to the 17th.

On June 17th it was Father's Day and everything went horribly wrong at my house. John, my husband of 12.5 years said he no longer wanted to be married to me. I knew this day was coming for a long time. We had basically been room mates for the last two years. So this threw my life in turmoil.

June 18th I had to take Joseph to the dentist to have his teeth pulled. It hurt my poor baby so bad. I wanted to cry for him but he was doing enough crying for the both of us. He had to have his two top front teeth pulled because the roots were dead. The dentist said he had impacted his teeth too many times falling and caused the root in the teeth to die. The dead teeth were causing the abscesses so I knew they had to go but I was dreading the appointment. When the procedure was done poor Joseph's upper lip had swollen. The dentist thought he may have had an allergic reaction to the lidocaine. I hope this is not the case but if we have to do this again I will have to let the dentist know just in case. So this was enough trauma for all of us and we stayed home for the rest of the day. John did not even think to call or ask about Joseph until he got home and saw him.

June 19 I took James and Margaret to the new pediatrician, Dr. Robertson, and he looked the children over. While there I filled out about 10 or 11 medical release forms so all the medical information for the children could be brought over to that office. I gave Dr. Robertson the background on James and Margaret and then we decided to give them one of their vaccinations. OMG! The trauma that ensued was awful! Margaret went first and screamed which caused James to freak out. Then when she was put down she was upset, crying and trying to reflux (barf) all over the office. I had to grab James and I held him down while the nurse gave him his shot. He screamed like a banshee. At least he was able to calm down faster though but I had to sit in the room for about 20 minutes after the shot because Margaret was coughing and retching like she was about to barf. I figured it was better to stay there than to let her barf all over my car and in the doctor's office there was water and paper towels to help clean her up. After we left I went to see an attorney I had spoken to before and discussed with him the possibility of divorce and what I should be doing.

June 20th I went took Joseph across town for an evaluation with a feeding therapist. Teacher's Health Trust is the primary insurance for Joseph. This is an insurance for the teachers of the Clark County School District. I had called every speech therapist listed in the directory (there were about 20 of them) and only ONE speech therapist specialized in feeding. Wow! I knew the school district got most of the feeding specialists but I didn't realize it was actually nearly all of them. It took me three weeks to get them the information they wanted to even put Joseph on a waiting list to be evaluated by the feeding therapist! I had asked our old pediatrician for a referral to the feeding specialist and he said no problem. I got the referral done. Then when I called to find out what was going on and how to get an appointment I was told they would not schedule anything until the got the doctor notes. I was fuming! Why didn't they tell me that initially when I called?!?

June 21st I had to take the children to therapy. James is not doing anything and drive me crazy. Margaret gets OT and Joseph is getting PT. We left and went home. Later that night I had a break with a babysitter coming over from 6pm to 10pm. It was nice. Then I basically got a three day weekend since there were no appointments scheduled for Friday.

ON June 25 I had one appointment for myself that I had to take the children to. I HATE taking them to the doctor with me because it is had to pay attention to the doctor and to get my point across on why I am there. On Tuesday the 26th I had a phone interview with the Arizona Department of Transportation. I think the interview went well and I hope I will hear back from them. It would be AMAZING to have the job. My biggest problem would be finding something to do with the children. With Joseph not being able to be around large groups of children I would have to find a sitter. At 10:00am I have have an appointment with the endocrinologist for Joseph. With John taking over the bank accounts and closing our joint account I did not have access to money. So I did not make it to the appointment because I did not have the $20 co-pay since John forgot to give me any money. Now I have a $50 missed appointment fee that I will have to pay before I can take Joseph back there. I was able to take Joseph to the Dr. Thatch a retina specialist. Joseph is blind in his right eye because of retinal detachment due to retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) but in the last few months it looks like he developed a cataract. I was thinking it was a cataract but there is also a form of eye cancer that looks like that too so I wanted Joseph examined to make sure he was ok. Joseph did good. To actually examine his eye the doctor has to use an ultrasound machine. It was pretty cool to see! The good news is that Joseph is completely fine. I am right the right eye just has a cataract. Phew!

On Wednesday, June 27th, I only had one appointment to take Joseph to his feeding therapy appointment at 1pm. Was glad he was able to get in to see this therapist. I am hoping she will be able to get him to eat so I will not need to place a feeding tube in him. On Thursday there was OT and PT therapy again and then later in the day I had an appointment for a doctor that I had to take the children to again. On Friday I had another three day weekend. Yea!

My days are basically the same until July 4th. John moved out of the house. We are planning to get divorced. This is a scary time for me since I am not sure that what I am going to do. He signed a lease for a condo not too far from the house but with him being in a year lease I know he will not be coming back to the house. On July 5th I took the children to their OT and PT appointment. Once again I have a three day weekend. With John gone I needed a three day weekend!

More to come but since I had carpal tunnel surgery on July 19th my hand is killing me I will finish this post later.


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