Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trip to St. George and the Geneticist

Its fun having the kids in the car. This is the First time they are pointing out geographic features.


Again, I was trying to use the mobile blogging feature. I have to work on this and see if I can get it worked out.

We had an appointment for Margaret and Joseph at the geneticist at 1:00pm Utah time. Dr. Arch is in St. George, Utah. There is only ONE geneticist in the state of Nevada and to get to see her there is at least a three year waiting list. So we went to Utah. The drive should take about two hours and twenty minutes but the drive was more like three hours. There was a small traffic accident on the way out of Las Vegas and I had to go through two construction zones before I arrived at the hospital (this is where the geneticist has her office). Luckily for us there were other patients from Las Vegas that day and they were late also so when I called and said I was running late it was not a surprise to the staff.

On the way there the children really where pretty good. I had the foresight to through in some books and toys into the car before we left. The kids played and shared SO nicely back there. I was SO proud of them. They were also having fun pointing out geographic features like cacti, mountains, rivers and trees. Especially when we went through the Virgin River Valley Gorge. James got out of the car and lead the way into the hospital. The kids played in the waiting room and got into the bag of food I brought with me as I went over paper work. Then we were escorted into the back and into a waiting room.

The kids now wanted to play with the toys in the room. It was about 10 minutes later the Dr. Arch walked in. We quickly discussed Margaret. With Margaret having a normal micro-array analysis and the MRI of brain damage I feel as though I know what I basically wrong with her. I think all of her problems stem from brain damage. Joseph on the other had is COMPLETELY different.

With Joseph having a normal MRI and DNA analysis but he is severely impaired in function I can only think there is something wrong that the doctors have not found yet. Joseph did have some blood work that showed some abnormalities. We discussed getting a muscle biopsy done. I will be working on getting the authorization re-approved.

If we get the muscle biopsy done it will be a BIG deal because we will have to drive four hours to Los Angeles and Joseph will have to be put to sleep. It would be like an out-patient surgery sort of thing. Very scary in some ways but it would be SO good to get it done and determine if he has any muscle myopathy or mitochondrial problems.

On the way home Margaret was getting restless. Sitting in a car seat for so long makes he cranky. About two hours into our return home Margaret got mad at James for some reason and the next thing I know he is screaming in the back. Then he says that Margaret bit him. I made her apologize. Man, it is rough making a car trip with her. She can get so hostile sometimes. Got to remember to put her on the outside and not between the boys. This would at least limit the amount of damage she could do because she could only reach one person.

I would guess most people would not be surprised when I say I was exhausted when I got home and couldn't have been more thrilled to stop for the night...lol.

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