Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can't Believe I Forgot to Mention...

I can't believe I forgot to mention what is going on with Joseph! On May 1st we went to the dentist. Nothing like taking all three children with me, alone, to the dentist. (sigh) They do not make it easy. We got there and getting into the waiting room was not too hard. We had a problem once we were called back into the office area. By then another mom with her two children were there. She got to witness me get James and Joseph back into the office but then Margaret balked. She started to cry and scream. I got her arm and tried to get her to follow me but she screamed harder and fell to the floor. The other mom got to watch as I dragged Margaret the last three feet across the threshold of the office door. I am sure I was looking like a wonderful mother at that point (not). Just did not feel like explaining that Margaret is autistic and have an unreasonable fear of the dentist. Margaret was throwing such a big fit that she was putting her fingers in her ears because HER screaming was SO loud it was bothering HER. LOL I know, I know. It is funny but it is not.
Being miserable as she was we went straight to the room while the boys were taken to try and get x-rays. Margaret crawled under the chair where I was sitting and laid there crying and screaming. She volume did lower but that was about it. So she was crying and screaming under my chair as the dentist came in. He is a great dentist since he is really nice to the children and specializes in dealing with special needs children including autism. My ONLY problem with him is that he does not force the children to get all of their teeth cleaned. That concerns me so I think I will take the kids to another dentist once a year to get the cleaning they need. So James goes first. We let Margaret watch but she was still crying and she crawled back under the chair. James is a champ. He gets into the chair and allows the dentist to look at his teeth and clean them. Then comes Joseph. Joseph gets into the chair. He is nervous but he is good. The dentist looks at his teeth and I tel him I noticed that the right front tooth (that he had knocked out of position MONTHS ago at McDonalds) is loose. He looks at it and asks me if I had noticed an abscess in the gum over the left front tooth (LFT). I said no. He showed me. It looked like a pimple in the gum.
You can see the nice big chip out of the LFT. The dentist said he thinks the physical damage done to the teeth is the cause of the abscess. That each tooth was cracked and the root of the tooth died and became infected. My poor baby! How pain it must have been but he NEVER cried or indicated he was in any pain. His Right Front Tooth (RFT) was also bad. I was told he would have to have both front teeth pulled. Ugh! With Joseph not producing growth hormone he is FAR behind in getting his teeth. He will be AT LEAST 7 before his permanent front teeth would possibly grown in.

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