Friday, March 30, 2012

I don't know what to say...

I have not signed in for a bit because I don't know what to say. Spring is coming and the pace of my life is picking up again. The local school district finally got all the information they needed after I had to get some paperwork from the doctor. Now the children are getting homebound services. It was interesting because when the teacher first arrived she came just to talk and determine what she would need. She told me her plan was to combine teaching the children. So she was planning to teach James, Margaret and Joseph ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I was shocked at this! James is very advanced in several ways and can read at a second grade level, Margaret is smart but has a VERY difficult time sitting and focusing and Joseph is slow to take in information and respond to questions. The children are all SO different I did not know how she could possibly teach such very different children. I told her she could not do that. I said they would all have to be taught separately and maybe over time Margaret and James could be taught together. The teacher said she did not have time in her schedule to do that. I told her if the children were all in separate homes she would have to find the time. I said it is convenient for you to be able to drive to only one house but the children cannot be grouped together for lessons. She said she would have to look at her schedule but she was not sure on if there was time. I told her that was not my problem and it was not the children's problem. It was her problem or the school district's problem. LOL Can you believe I said that!?!? LOL She just stared at me and said she would have to get back to me after she examined her schedule and I said that was fine. LOL Score one for mom and ZERO for the school district. I hope I can keep the score like that. :)

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