Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year and New Hopes

Soooo many things have been changing in my life and not all of the are for the better. First off I have been slacking in posting lately. When life starts to get overwhelming I don't talk to people anymore or even post online. I think I do that because I feel like all I would have to say are negative things so I would rather say nothing.

First off my husband and I have not been getting along for awhile now. We have been on the verge of divorcing for the last 12 months. Things get better and then get worse, way worse, and then better. Things had just been building up going into December. John was driving me crazy by being such a slob. It was to the point that if he was a roommate I would have kicked him out of my house! Then things got bad for Christmas because he did not get any gifts. I did feel bad but I had spent all the money on getting the children gifts. He later told me he was resentful of me buying all the toys for the children and he did not get to pick out anything specific for them.

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