Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We have a plan!

Yesterday was SUPER busy but there were good things that happened. The MOST important thing that happened yesterday. I had a list of phone calls I had to make yesterday. One of the calls I had to make was to the Hypotonia Center. It had been two weeks since I last had contract with the clinic when I sent in Joseph's medical paperwork. After giving them a call I was told that I would be getting a call from an appointment setter in a couple of days.

I was not happy about waiting a few more days but heck, I had all ready been waiting a long time, what was a few more days. To my surprise I got a call 30 minutes later and the appointment setter said there was an appointment available on December 22 at 12:30pm and did I want it. I said yes but then I hesitated because the appointment was SO close to Christmas. I told the appointment setter that I wanted the appointment and if I needed to change it I would call back. YEA! We have an appointment!!!

We will be meeting with Dr. Ronald Cohn. He will be seeing Joseph. I have to admit after looking over his web page I think he is highly qualified to help Joseph. This gives me a LOT of confidence!

The ONLY reason I would cancel the appointment now is if the DNA test showed something. I cannot wait for the test results. I know the geneticist thinks Joseph's DNA is normal and the doctor might be right BUT I want proof! If the DNA is normal then I think we have NO choice but to move forward and go to the Hypotonia Center. My next big hurdle will be to raise money so we can go. That will be my job....

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