Me in the hospital at 26 weeks pregnant after I had pPROMed.  Notice all the bracelets on my wrist.  I had one for me, one for each of the babies (4), and the orange one for  I was told I was the equivalent of 54 weeks pregnant with a singleton.  Wow!
Here is my little baby Margaret.  She was Baby A of the quads.  When she was born she weighed 1lb. 9oz and was 12 inches long.  She was SO tiny!  She was such a little fighter. 

Next came Baby B, James, and he was the biggest of the bunch. He weighted 2lb. 4oz and was 12.5 inches long.  He was the healthiest of the bunch by far!

Next came my little Angel Baby, Martha, and she was the second largest baby of the bunch.  We never thought she would have problems much less pass away.  She lived for a short time but I still loved her so much!

Here is my miracle baby!  We were told while he was in the womb that he would not make it.  After he born be all most died.  His first night home he almost died and was misdiagnosed as Missed SIDS and after he went home his apnea monitor went off several times showing he was not breathing but he did not die then either.  He survived despite it all!. The medical insurance was billed over ONE MILLION dollars while he was in the NICU!  He is my million dollar baby and I love him!  Joseph has MAJOR medical issues though we cannot find any direct cause (MRI and Genetics showed nothing).

Here is a picture of Margaret two days after she is born.  Notice the size of the pacifier.  That is a preemie pacifier!  That is just how tiny Margaret is at this point.  She only weighed 1lb 10oz in the picture

These next three pictures are of the babies for Christmas.  They were only about a week old at the time.  The Santa Hat that all of them are wearing is only 5 inches tall.  Margaret has the hat on her head and if you look closely you can see my husband's wedding ring on her left arm. His ring is large (size 13) but you can see is appears as a HUGE gold bangle on her

Here is a picture of James.  He was resting and on his tummy to help him breathe.  He was SO
cute and tiny!

This was the first picture I could get of Joseph after the first photo after he was born.  He had been in an incubator and he was in such a delicate condition you could not even WALK over to his incubator without him DeSating (O2 levels drop).  The nurses told us he was having a tough time.  We were able to get the hat next to him and snap a quick pic byt he DeSated while we did this.  Luckily the nurse was right there and got him settled back down again quickly. My poor little baby!


Here are a few pictures of the children when they were about two weeks old.   John used his
hand as a reference for scale.  For Margaret his hand is all most 2/3 the length of her body.



 James on the other hand is a lot larger.  You can get the sense of that when you see him in comparison to John's hand.  There are two pictures of James.  Not only was he the most stable and we could take the pictures of him but it was cool to get the picture of John's hand covering all of James'
back.  It is cute!


Here is a picture of Joseph.  Look at how small he is compared to John's hand.  He had such wild hair when he was little.  Every time I got a picture of him his little hair was sticking up.  Even though it was fine and thin you could see it.

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