Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ad For Nanny - Are YOU my Mary Poppins?

I left my job with the federal government at the birth of my surviving quadruplets (about five years ago) to stay home with the children.  Being born early they had multiple medical issues.  Over the last five years I have worked hard to take care of the children, educate them (home school) and take them to the various doctor/therapy appointments as needed.

In July my husband walked away from his family.  Though he pays child support he knew I did not work and there was no way I could support the children and myself in our family home.  I went to seek a job.  I was offered a job working in Phoenix.  We recently moved to the area and I am currently trying to get services and other things set up for my children.  Since I now have to work I am seeking someone to replace me.  Someone who can do all the things I did with the children and around the house.

I am seeking my Mary Poppins.  Do you think you are up for the job?
  • Need to be able to work with multiples who have special needs
  • Must be able to drive a Ford E-350 15 Passenger Van (like this one)
  • Must be drug/alcohol free,  have a clean driving record and be dependable
  • Have the patience of Jesus and VERY laid back
  • Be able to conduct home school lessons
  • Take the children to their various doctor and therapy appointments
  • Do cooking and cleaning as needed
  • Must be able to read and speak English reasonably well
  • Must be technology literate (use a cellphone and computer)

Not seeking perfection. Just someone who tries!
I am not trying to scare people off but on the other hand if you do not think you are up for the job I am not interested either.  I love my children very much and I am resentful of my husband for making me leave them.  I think they still need me so my "replacement" needs to be able to handle whatever three four-year-olds can throw at them with style and grace.  

If you are still reading you are made of hardy stuff!  Are you my Mary Poppins?  Would you be able to handle a job that is hard but VERY rewarding and filled with love?

I am potentially, once we are settled, looking for a live-in position so if that interests you let me know. Salary for this position will range from $1000 to $1400 per month depending on experience and other factors.  If you are interested please send me your resume with references and an explanation on why you are interested in taking care of my children to Michelle at  Please list in the subject line Nanny Position.  Thank you!


  1. I just wanted to say that I am in the same boat as you. It's absolutely ridiculous. Maddening, really. I have four children, three who are very young, and I'm trying to find someone to replace me so I can go back to work because my husband of eight years decided he was interested in someone else.

    I wish I could afford to live off of $1000 a month. I'd totally come be your Mary Poppins. I love kids. I'm so angry that my children are losing their mother. I wish you the best.

    1. I am sorry Kristin that you are in the same situation! Why is it that we, as women allow these men to walk away from their obligations? Why, as a society, is it not shameful for a man to leave his family like that? Did you read my Leaving Vegas post? I think you would really like it. :) I wish you the best of luck in your job search!

  2. You women are STRONG!!! As the oldest daughter of 3 children I will say that though it seems an impossible road now, things WILL get better! I am 28 now and love my mom more knowing all she did to take care of us. My father left when my brother, the youngest, was born. My mother was 24 and had 3 children all under the age of 3! She had no help even though she lived in the same city as 3 of her sisters who ALL stayed at home. She worked 2 jobs just to pay for child care. I saw the ad on craigslist and I would love to help!! I'm actually a single mom of a 7 yr old, leaving my husband was my choice technically!

    Anyway, smile girls! Make the rest of your life the BEST of your life!!!

    1. Thank you Ashley! Trust me when I say I do not feel strong. Most days I just wake up and try to get what I can done that day. I try had not to think of anything else. I have more or less ben down this road before. The differencce is that my first husband did not leave without any warning, I have one more child to take care of than before and all the children are special needs. These things scare me and make it more difficult. Just finding a nanny for my children is hard. Hard for me to leave and hard for me to trust. I wish I could put the children in a daycare and /or school but because of Joseph I can't. As the blot title says...A life a bit more complicated. That is my life with them! If I can't get my help to work out Ashley I just may call you! Glad you left your asshat before he left you and good luck on your journey too!

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