Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Passed By Quickly!

Chemical Formula for Clarithromycin
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I had my Anniversary on Jan 1st.  John and I celebrated 16 years of marriage.  It has been rough over the last several years.  It is nice that we seem to be more on the same page now than we have been in years.  After the week of my anniversay I got sick with a cold John brought home.  Thankfully the children did not get more than a cold but I got EXTREMELY sick.  In the end I had pneumonia. I was given the antibiotic Clarithromycin but on day 3 I think I developed an allergic reaction. My eyes became itchy suddenly. After about an hour my eyes were itching so bad I went to to look in a mirror. My eyes had turned red, the surface of my eyes appeared ulcerated and swollen.  It took 36 hours for my eyes to become "normal" enough for me to drive. I went to see my doctor and she thought it was an allergic reaction also.  I had to switch antibiotics. In the meantime my eyes still do not feel right and I need to get into a doctor. The itching of my eyes is horrible!  So for the other three weeks in January I was fighting to feel better. Not the way I wanted to spend January but hopefully we will not have any other illnesses this winter!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

What Are Your Odds?

The Powerball has been driving many people into a frenzy! I don't blame them! I feel the same way. I even spent $4 on a ticket.   The jackpot is reported to be up to 900 million dollars! Yes, you saw that right! It is all most to one BILLION dollars!
Here in my home state of Arizona it is said you would get $347 million after taxes as a lump sum or deal with $18 million dollar payouts for the next 30 years!

A friend found posted in her local paper the odds of winning the jackpot is huge and unlikely! There are things a LOT more likely to happen to you than winning the lottery.  You can see the list on the left. What tickled me is the odds of giving birth to quadruplets is 1 in 729,000.  I had slightly more chance of being killed by an asteroid strike than having been pregnant with my babies.

If I had beat those odds, maybe the Powerball will be easy???  LOL

Good Luck to you and may you win! If you do win, call me!  ;)

Friday, January 8, 2016

When Disabilities Interrupt All Else

Margaret with her asteroid bear.
It is not uncommon for things to interrupt the schedule. Friday the children have occupational therapy and that takes a bit of the day. While they were busy I was able to get some cleaning done. I check my email and I find the neuropsychology reports were finally in!  Yea!  I go and read the reports and find that there were quite a few errors.  This is common when someone sees all the children. They tend to get the information for the children mixed up. It took me over three hours to print, read, and correct the reports with a lot of interruptions in between so there was no homeschooling.  Thankfully the medical history stuff was really the only part was the only part that was jumbled. That was the first two pages.  I did find errors in other areas of the report but they were small.  When the report got to the testing and results I had to slow down my reading just to absorb what was being said.  It's tough to read. To see your children's strengths and weaknesses put in such a bright spotlight!

Corrections from Joseph's first page of
his Neuropsych report.
First I read through Margaret's report. I knew it would be less complicated and I was curious of the doctors impression of Margaret.  The report states Margaret was diagnosed with autism at two.  This is wrong. Early Intervention (EI) in Nevada was of NO help!  I had one care provider come into my home and yell at me because I was not forcing my children to sit down and read to them at two. She was a nasty person that I did not let back into my home.  She was on there twice and the second time there she said my children were running around wild and that if I taught them to sit and listen then her former job as a Kindergarten teacher would have been a lot easier. I was so angry I sat stunned for a moment.  I had to stop myself before I said something really angry myself.  I reminded her that she now worked for EI and that the children she saw ALL have issues or else she would not be there!  Then there was my main EI support coordinator. I kept tell her how unusual I thought Margaret's behavior was (constantly in motion, only said things she heard from TV, her dancing, singing, running around waving her arms, her lack of interest in things and when she was interested in something how it was an unusual preoccupation).  She never mentioned to me about the possibility of autism.  No, I find out about that by running into a woman while I was at a free class on how to file for divorce in Nevada (yes, having multiple disabled children has strained our marriage).  This lady spoke up in the class and mentioned she had disabled children. So I stopped her and talked to her in the parking lot after the class.

I explain to this stranger Margaret's odd behaviors and she said it sounded like Margaret may have autism and I should get her evaluated.  Not once was this mentioned by any of the specialists we had seen, her regular doctor, or any therapist. No one! This stranger, an angel is how I think of her, pointed me in the right direction. SHE had the nerve to mention the big A word, autism! I went back to the EI coordinator and asked why she had not mentioned autism.  Do you know her response? She said, "You had filled out the ADOS and it did not score high enough to test for autism and it is not my job to say anything." What?  You are with EI!  How the heck was *I* suppose to realize it was autism?  What was this ADOS she mentioned???

When EI first came to my house tiny 800 sqft home to do the intake they did not tell me who all they were bringing.  They show up at my door with FIVE people on their team PLUS TWO interns. We squeezed them all in (people had to sit on the floor) along with my husband, myself, and three two-year olds. In the chaos these people where firing questions at both me and my husband about the children while they were buzzing around us.  There was a ton of paperwork to fill out so John thought the would help and fill some out himself. Even though I was the main care provider for the children the the last year he filled out the paperwork.  John filled out the ADOS.  The way he scored it and they way I scored it was VERY different!   John's evaluation did not score high enough to warrant more testing yet when I filled it out Margaret was considered borderline and worth testing.  This happened ONE MONTH before the turned three and aged out of EI.  I was able to get the initial testing completed and that came back as inconclusive. After more psychological testing and observations she was diagnosed with autism at about 3.5-years old.

I lost a year of her autism diagnosis (which does help you get more services) because I thought autism was a kid who did not talk and bang his head on a wall.  There was SO much I did not know back then!  Little did I realize that was only the beginning of my journey of digging into the medical mystery of Joseph, determining answers for Margaret, and trying to keep my head above the water with James.

Back to Margaret's report....

The report is broken down into sections. The first section is Behavioral Observations that occurred during the testing.

Behavioral Observations:

  • Decent eye contact but poorly modulated and uses minimal pointing or gesturing
  • Speech was variable with occasional echolalic and slurring (speaking too fast) speech
  • Easily distracted with long lapses in attention
    • distracted by sight, sound, and sensory
Test Results for:

  • Falls in low average range for same age
Sustained Attention
  • Attention issues observed and verified by testing
  • Variable ability to encode new information across tasks
    • effects ability to efficiently learn new information
  • Low frustration level for tasks not readily understood
Executive Functioning
  • Area of weakness
  • Cognitive flexibility is weak across multiple measures
  • Fluid reasoning is variable and fluctuates depending on the nature of the task and if a pattern was easily identified
    • Fluid reasoning is the ability to solve a novel problem 
  • Working memory is a significant weakness (I used to joke around she has the memory of a goldfish. Apparently, I was pretty close to being accurate. :(  )
    • Working memory requires the use of holding information in short-term memory and requires adequate attention and concentration in order to complete tasks
  • Significant variability was seen in testing
  • Performance on immediate memory tasks was generally lower than her performance on delayed memory tasks
  • Margaret will need more time to consolidate and store new information to memory
  • Testing shows an issue with visual encoding of new information
    • She is more of an auditory learner at this point. Maybe due to her vision problem now and needing glasses?
  • Difficulty maintaining adequate attention over time and from task to task
Processing Speed
  • This is an area of relative weakness and falls in the impaired range with others of the same age
  • Testing tasks used visual scanning and visuomotor coordination
  • Fine motor delays have been a history of weakness and is still an area of relative weakness
  • Problems with visuomotor integration are a relative weakness falling in the 1st percentile when compared to kids of the same age
    • Handwriting samples were poor with immature pencil grasp
    • Grooved Pegboard and bilateral tasks concerning fine motor skills were in the impaired range
Academic Skills
  • Reading and reading comprehension skills are an area of strength
  • Math skills are significantly weaker and less developed in calculation and applied math
  • Observation shows pragmatic speech and communication delays
    • consistent with autism
  • Ability to understand people's perspective might be different from her own is borderline
  • Strengths
    • Reading skills, verbal reasoning abilities, and visual reasoning abilities, good eye contact, ability to spontaneously share information, and asking for clarification when needed
  • Weakness
    • Distractability, cognitive flexibility, working memory, inhibition, planning behaviors, tendency to withdrawn from social situations and retreat into her own imaginary world, repetitive speech patterns, and pragmatic speech skills 
Diagnostic Impressions

Autism; Encephalopathy, NOS; and ADHD

There are a lot of academic and social recommendations along with about 9 books for recommended reading.

I know Margaret has issues but I have to admit I cried a few tears reading this.  It is hard to read the tough truth about your child like this and not shed a tear. My dream for her is to be able to have a profession, if needed, to take care of herself but my wish for her is to have her own family someday. This lets me know we still have a long way to go for that to possibly happen. On the other hand we Margaret is running around with her old block that rattles and she is telling me that he is an asteroid bear that has come to Earth and crashed his imaginary space rocket in our backyard. Then she heard Pandora play the song Let It Go and she starts singing. It is tough wanting her to grow up and then turn around and listen to her crazy, quirky imaginary stories. My heart breaks for her in some ways. Will she always be carrying imaginary stories AND still be responsible enough to take care of a baby by herself?  Will she be able to hold a job and not forget to show up? I just don't know and only time will tell....

Margaret singing Let It Go but getting distracted. 

Margaret telling me her grape kool-aid looks like a black hole. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Homeschooling Fun With Math

There is rarely a dull moment around here.  The kids have been busy with school and therapy.  Today we spent time working on math.  The kids decided to turn it into a game.  The next thing I know we are all having fun, laughing and cheering.  THIS is how homeschooling looks!

Another things I love about homeschooling is being surprised at the skills my children acquire when I am not looking.  I had NO idea Joseph could write his numbers so beautifully!  His handwriting is pretty good!  What I find amusing is that his handwriting seems to be the best out of all the children.  I never would have guessed that!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stick To The Schedule!

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Time to go back to a schedule.  Children, including special needs children, NEED a schedule!  I have been home full-time for about a month and it does not feel like it!  Wit the children's birthday and Christmas in there we have been seriously busy! I have been cleaning out the house and reorganizing the playroom into more of a classroom. I also made a schedule I thought we could live with that would cover all the homeschool subject we need/want to cover.

Today we did history.  We read the first chapter of The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. Then we discussed what we had learned like what is a historian. What is an archaeologist   ? How can we figure out what happened long ago?  It was pretty fun!

Then we studied geography.  I decided we should start with the United States.  We got a list of the 50 states in alphabetical order and we will cover one state a week. I had them read through the list of states in order to get the names pronounced right. Today we started our study with Alabama.  This was great since the children were born there! I found a site,, that cover a nice amount of general information about the state.  We read over that and we will use the time for the rest of the week to look up famous people that lived there, the state animal, and other facts.  The kids enjoyed learning about the state. Now we will spend a bit working on educational apps Cleaver Dragons and Always Icecream and call homeschooling done for today.

Yesterday James and Margaret spent the day in their room without electronics for the outrageous behavior. I also had James make a video apology to the care giver who was here that night.  Today his behavior is much better.  John and I discussed his behavior and decided he flipped out due to high anxiety that we were not coming home.  I will need to look for a book or curriculum on how to help him deal with his emotional anxiety in a more appropriate way. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Things you are not told about Autism and ADHD

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Last night my husband and I went to marriage therapy.  I was all ready in a bad mood after leaving marriage therapy and then I get a phone call while we were still out from the sitter watching the children.  Though she is new sitter I was not prepared for what she had to tell me when I got home!

James got aggressive with her when she had told him to go to sleep and quit playing around with his brother. When she said she was going to text me he flipped out on her. I am sure it was because he know he was going to get in trouble but his behavior with her was outrageous!

The caregiver told us she texted us and then James grabbed for her phone.  She placed her phone in her bra to keep it away from him and he went to grab it anyways,  He was cussing at her and kept grabbing her.  Eventually he knocked her down and she fell into a toy bin and hurt herself.  James did at let immediately apologized for that.  The poor lady had hurt her wrist!  Thankfully she said she would be okay but his behavior was out of control!

With James having Autism and ADD he does not relate well to people on an emotional level.  He has not problem crossing personal boundaries like sticking his hands down that poor woman's shirt to try and get her phone. He knows he should not cuss but he did anyways to try and threaten her.  He pushed her down in desperation to get the phone with no thought of her personally.  All of this is basically due to lack of personal understanding of emotion, self control, and impulsivity.

We came home and James was immediately screaming and crying.  We hadn't even heard what he had done in detail yet but he did know he was in BIG trouble. He was blubbering and saying he was sorry.  Somewhere along the line James has come to the conclusion that saying sorry erases whatever he did wrong; no matter how egregious his behavior was at the time!

Today he is grounded to his room to think about his behavior.  He has some toys and books in his room and he comes out to do chores but it idea for today is for him to reflect on his behavior and hopefully not doing it again just to stay out of his room, if for not other reason!

Impulsivity and executive functioning is SO important!  We are obviously going to have to continue working on these skills!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Changes for the Coming 2016

I am so excited about the changes coming for 2016.  My husband and I have struggled in our marriage for the last six months.  We are now starting to turn the corner and are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary today (Yep, I got married January 1, 2000).

I have stopped work and I am now a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) again.  I have been trying to get the house in shape and get everything organized.  This has been a lot harder than I want to admit.  I mean the kids are messing things up quicker than I get things cleaned.  LOL  

Christmas was nice.  We got a new computer and some Kindle Fire tablets for the children.  We have been needing some new technology for a LONG time! Our last computer was running Windows 95 and has a SUPER slow processor (I think it was a 388  LOL).  Anyways James is happy because he can play Minecraft.  Margaret and Joseph are thrilled they have tablets of their own.  I am happy because a lot of the fighting is gone!

I have been able to get the children into physical therapy. I am thankful I was able to get back to back appointments.  It makes things easier.

John is happy to be at work again teaching.  That is truly where he should be since it is one of his callings.  With the "normal" order of things restored (John working and I am home full-time) I think we are both a lot happier.  What more can one want to start the New Year?