Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun Glow In the Dark Projects for Kids

Here are some end of summer Glow in the Dark project ideas (all photos came from

Faeries in a Jar
1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar.  2. Add diamond glitter  3. Seal the top with a lid.   4. Shake.

**WARNINGS AND TIPS**  Glow sticks can be found at the Dollar Tree.  Be sure to read the warning on the back of the glow stick package. Use nontoxic glow sticks but they may stain clothes.  Necklaces and bracelet glow sticks may be easier to cut than a standard glow stick.

Glow Bathtime

Let the kiddos have fun by taking the glow stick into the tub.  You may want to use the larger glow sticks for this to make sure none of them go down the drain!

Make a Firefly
How sweet is this?  I grew up in a rural area of the South and I remember watching the fireflies come out at night. There is something magical sitting outside in the muggy heat of summer watching the fireflies twinkle in the distance.  It was even more fun to catch them!  If you can't catch your own you can always make them!

To make one you need a 20 ounce green plastic soda bottle, empty and cleaned out (label removed).  One glow stick and three 12 inch pipe cleaners in green for the legs.

Glow Stick Balloons

To make the glow stick balloons...

Get white balloons and some bracelet glowsticks.  Crack the glow sticks make them glow.  Once they are glowing blow the balloons half way full of air and insert the glow sticks.  This may take a few tries.  Once the glow sticks are inside finish blowing up the balloons and tie off.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Take soda bottles (clean and labels removed).  Add water for some weight and stability.  Add a glow stick.  Use a soccer ball or some other ball heavy enough to knock the pins over.

Did you ever wonder HOW glow sticks are made?  Watch this...


  1. Were having a Glow in the dark dance at school, and I jujst wanted to know more about glo9w sticks! That video is so cool, And I tried the jar thing, and IT WORKED! :)

    1. I am SO glad to hear it worked for you! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Wow! I came across this post just at the right time. I have planned a surprise party for my kids in one of the prettiest event space NYC and I got so many new ideas for the decoration of that space. Kids love glowing bands and lights. This will be a fun idea for the party. Thanks for sharing this post.